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RMR Solutions, LLC was founded in early 2013 by the President of RMR Solutions, LLC Chris Atkinson. He was trying to find a way to reduce labor and chemical costs in his restoration business. Chris has been a pioneer to the restoration and remediation field since 1991, when he started a small restoration company and grew it to be the largest non-franchise restoration company in southeast Michigan.

Through the years, so many of his remediation teams have spent countless hours of sanding and scrubbing mold and mildew from attics and crawl spaces, Chris decided it was time for a change. He developed a solution that would revolutionize the commercial mold remediation industry by greatly reducing the labor-intensive work that it required. The rest they say is history. RMR Solutions, LLC is developing and manufacturing the most cutting edge and cost-effective products known as the RMR Brands. Our products are now bringing the best new processes to the mold remediation industry; whether it be RMR-86, RMR Botanical, RMR-PRO Xtreme Odor Eliminator, RMR-141 Concentrate, RMR-141 RTU, RMR-86M and RMR-M Botanical. Here at RMR Solutions we pride ourselves on bringing the best products for the lowest price to everyone.