Introducing The RMR Solutions 2-in-1 Glass and Surface Cleaner

Posted by Chelsea Mills on 13 October, 2022

Sad about stains? Worried about water spots? Going glassy-eyed staring at all the available options for cleaning the glass and sensitive surfaces in your home?

Have no fear. The RMR Solutions 2-in-1 Glass and Surface Cleaner is here.

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September is Mold Awareness Month

Posted by Advertising Management on 25 September, 2022

September means a lot of things to a lot of people. The start of football season. The early traces of crisp, reinvigorating fall air. The arrival of pumpkin spice everything. A reason to start decorating your home for Halloween. 

But did you know that September is also National Mold Awareness Month? And are you aware of just how important it is to ensure your home is mold-free?

No less an authority than the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) itself recognizes September as National Mold Awareness Month. Part of this initiative includes informing, educating and raising awareness about the existence and nature of indoor molds—and how the presence of these molds in your home can lead to adverse health effects. 

Naughty by Nature: How Does Indoor Mold Grow?

Indoor molds come in quite the variety of species, severity, density, and even colors. Ranging from innocuous but unsightly mildew stains to the mycotoxin-producing stachybotrys chartarum. No matter the stain, strain, or severity, all indoor mold will thrive in damp, dark environments—meaning that shower and bathroom areas, sinks and kitches, and especially below-ground basements and dens are particularly vulnerable to mold growth. 

There’s a lot of ground these scary spores can cover—and there’s a lot of detailed scientific information related to indoor mold. You can read more about the dreaded stachybotrys chartarum at the American Phytopathological Society site.


Sick Tricks: How Can Indoor Mold Affect Your Health?

We touched on Halloween a bit earlier, and there’s no doubt that creeping, crawling indoor molds are a time-honored, wall-scraping staple of any good red-blooded American haunted house. But are you fully aware of just how tricky indoor molds can be? Or how very far from a treat they can be for you—and your overall health?

The bottom line: indoor molds can be nothing short of toxic. Which means you and anyone else living in your home can get (and stay) sick. Among the litany of adverse health issues that can arise from the presence of mold in your home:

  • Runny nose
  • Sore throat
  • Chronic cough
  • Skin rashes

Unless you’re the type of person who enjoys living in a haunted, horrible house, these ailments probably aren’t on your short list of preferences when you’re relaxing or working at home. If you’re already an allergy sufferer, these conditions may hit you ever harder when indoor mold comes creeping, crawling, and calling. 

On an even more serious scale, thriving indoor mold spores can also result in something known as “mold poisoning” for you, your family members, or roommates. The proper scientific name for this condition is mycotoxicosis, and its symptoms can range from physical (headaches and body aches) to mental and psychological (memory loss and mood changes). 

NOT in MY Home! Prepare and Prevent Mold.

It’s often said that the best medicine is preventative medicine. So what can you do to help ensure your home–and you and your family–avoid any unsightly and injurious mold infection? Let’s take a closer look at some quick tips:

  • Stave off/fix any water leaks: Notice a water leak in your home? Address and correct it. Immediately! If you notice any dark, damp areas on your carpet, under or around plumbing pipes, or along or among the edges of your home’s walls, you’ll want to reach out to a mold removal specialist—or purchase RMR-86® Instant Mold and Mildew Stain Remover!
  • Keep carpet away from damp areas: Remember, mold thrives in warm, damp, dark areas. It can particularly proliferate on a substance like carpet, so keep a close eye on any carpeting—especially carpeting that doesn’t receive lighting. 
  • Check bathroom vents and fans: You should also keep a close eye on your clothes dryer vents. Any and all vents in your home can often be replaced with newer versions.
  • Limit indoor humidity: Mold growth is a danger for any home in any region or climate, but it can pose particular problems (and rapidly gain strength) in places where heat and humidity thrive. Do your best to keep your home cool, when and where you can. Dehumidifiers and humidity monitors are helpful home additions. 
  • Purchase a mold test kid: Just like home COVID tests helped a lot of people during the pandemic, you can easily purchase an in-home mold test kit online. Here’s one home mold test kit you can find on Amazon right now. 

The professionals at Mold Only have a more in-depth checklist you can consult for tips and tactics to stave off home mold growth. 

RMR Solutions: Helping You Stay Mold-Free

Thankfully, the passionate professionals here at RMR Solutions have extensive experience with fighting, removing, and preventing mold infestations. Even better, we offer industry-leading and game-changing products to help keep your home mold-free. 

Our RMR-86® Instant Mold and Mildew Stain Remover has earned a reputation as the best mold and mildew stain remover available on the market today. RMR-86 was formulated over several years by disaster restoration professionals with untold hours of experience treating and eliminating unwanted mold in and out of homes. 

RMR-86 can be used indoors as well as outdoors to remove unsightly and potentially unhealthy mold and mildew stains. Even Bruce “The Alligator Man” Mitchell from the hit HISTORY TV show “Swamp People” swears by our patented product! 

If you’re really needing to tackle a nasty mold problem that’s festered for too long, you can purchase our RMR-86® PRO Instant Mold Stain Remover. Made from a patented contractor-grade formula, this solution works faster and lasts longer. RMR-86® PRO will tackle the toughest of tough mold remediation, even removing deeply embedded fungal stains. In fact, it’s graded out at a full five times stronger than similar contractor brands. 

Of course, if you’re really looking to live in a haunted house, you can just sit back…and let the mold become one with your home. To each their own. Just make sure to double-check all your Halloween candy. 

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Marine Mold - Prevention and Treatment

Posted by Advertising Management on 08 August, 2022


Enjoying your boat is the best part of being a boat owner! Although, the maintenance and repairs can be never ending. A moist, damp, and poorly insulated environment makes your boat the perfect home for mold that can cause irreversible damage!

Sources of Mold


A single water leak can start spores growing. So, the first thing to do is find and seal leaks. Check portlights, windows, loose stanchions, the deck core, cockpit scuppers, under quarter berths, v-berths, settees, lockers, lazarettes, under seats, drains, and hidden areas. 

Still Air

Constantly changing water, air, and hull temperatures create condensation allowing mold to thrive. Ensure that your boat is well ventilated. Opening hatches or portholes to create cross ventilation can help to prevent this.


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Fresh Air

Exchanging inside air for outside air, greatly reduces mold formation. When you visit your boat be sure to open it up and let fresh air in while you're doing an inspection. 

Keep It Clean and Open

Keep all lockers and other enclosed spaces clean, empty, and open when possible to help circulation and reduce moisture. Take home bedding, mattresses, clothing, towels, and other items that can attract moisture when not in use, as these can be ruined by mold.


A good rule of thumb is to replace the air inside the boat every hour. Make sure you have a proper, waterproofed canvas cover for your boat, free of rips and tears, to allow fresh air to get in without water seeping through. Passive waterproof ventilators like ports and hatches provide access paths for air to enter or leave the interior of the boat. But if the air is not moving, you may need active ventilators which use a fan to keep air moving. Chemical dehumidifiers also help prevent mold. These tubs and bags are safe, inexpensive, easy to put anywhere, and available at most marine stores.

Winter Care

During the winter check your boat once a month to make sure that everything on your boat is working and looking as it should. Check for any cracks, leaks, or standing water around windows and doors that could promote the growth of mold. Shrink-wrap is great for protecting a boat but it limits how much air can get below. Vents should be installed in the shrink-wrap or consider leaving the cabin doors open under the shrink-wrap so air can better circulate.

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Remove Marine Mold and Mildew With RMR-86M!

RMR-86M Marine Mildew Stain Remover contains a Sodium Hypochlorite formula that works instantly to remove mold and mildew stains from vinyl seat cushions, vinyl covers, vinyl dashboards, fiberglass, and other marine surfaces* without requiring repeat applications or rigorous scrubbing. RMR-86M is the fastest and easiest way to tackle stubborn boat stains and permanently eliminate discoloration with 5x the cleaning power!

* Do not use on fabric, clothing, carpet, wood, or painted surfaces, and avoid prolonged contact with metals or porcelain

Why RMR?

At RMR, we create powerful solutions to everyday problems. Our industrial strength Marine Mildew Stain Removal product works well anywhere from your boat to your home, removing stubborn stains and leaving behind a clean, modern orchard scent. For quality products and great value, try RMR 86M Mildew Stain Remover, the best marine stain removal product for your boat! 

Proudly made in the USA! Using top-quality, industrial-strength ingredients.


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Do you have Mold or Mildew in Your Home?

Posted by Advertising Management on 14 July, 2022

Get Rid of Mold and Mildew Issues with RMR Tub & Tile Cleaner and Mold & Mildew Remover! It Sticks, Foams, and Smells Better! 
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Botanical Disinfectants - The Effective Choice for Cleaning

Posted by Advertising Management on 04 June, 2022

Think Clean. Think Pure. Think Safe.

A botanical cleaning product poses no harm to our health and environment, when used properly. RMR Botanical Disinfectant Cleaner

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Common Mold Problems in the Home | How To Remove Mold in Your Home

Posted by RMR Solutions on 26 October, 2018

You've probably heard horror stories about mold growing in homes and making the people who live there sick. The truth is, mold is everywhere and it's nearly impossible to avoid coming into contact with it, but not all molds are toxic.

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Mold and Property Damage: Mold is Eating Your House | RMR Solutions

Posted by RMR Solutions on 12 October, 2018

Mold is eating your house. It's not just a surface problem, it's not just a source of spores that can damage your health. If your home has mold between the walls, under the floors, or on the support beams then this is no minor infestation. The mold is doing everything it can to break down the materials of your home and turn it back into soil. In other words: the mold is actively eating your home and over time, it can cause serious structural damage.

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Health Risks Associated With Mold & How To Eliminate them | RMR Brands

Posted by RMR Solutions on 28 September, 2018

Mold is the general term used for several different kinds of fungi. Most connotations associated with the word are not positive - damp basements, musty odors, water leaks, moldy carpets, poisonous mushrooms, and soggy drywall, to name a few. Mold spores are found literally everywhere in the world, even in the air we breathe, but moisture is required for an active growth to accumulate.

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5 Steps to Remove Mold in Your House | RMR Brands Mold Products

Posted by RMR Solutions on 14 September, 2018

Among all potential issues homeowners face, mold may be the one that causes the most headaches - both figuratively and literally. Left untreated, it can lead to dizziness, coughing, and more. If you suffer from asthma or allergies, it can actually result in lasting health problems.

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Reducing Nosocomial Infections in Hospitals

Posted by RMR Solutions on 06 September, 2018

Hospitals and medical facilities are essential when those who are ill or injured require continuous medical care. While medical establishments devote their resources to healing, hospitals, long-term care, and outpatient treatment facilities often place their patients at risk of developing severe antibiotic-resistant infections.

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