Client Testimonials RMR-86®

This is to let you know I am well satisfied with this product RMR-86. I just finished a project today where the property was a 80% of all drywall removed. Upstairs and downstairs. After prep, I was done within 3 hours. The electric sprayer alone saves at least 2 hours. Nothing to clean up after finished spraying. I will be placing another bulk order for another project coming up.
Danny Greene-
Ever since we learned about RMR-86, we have been looking for and looking forward to the attic mold cleaning jobs. These are the jobs we used to shy away from because often times our customers didn’t believe that we had done the cleaning if they still saw mold staining. It didn’t matter how much we tried to convince them. People felt unsure and possibly felt cheated. Now with RMR-86 the jobs come out really looking much cleaner and much faster. Now we are heroes to our customers. We haven’t changes our prices or our workers, but by switching to RMR it changed our company by helping us deliver a more professional result. The Video doesn’t lie. This stuff works ! Who doesn’t want to be a hero?
Aaron Fogarasi- Dry-Mark, LLC Certified Mold Inspector
I had been researching RMR for months before I finally decided to give it a try. I was skeptical because I have seen claims like these before with the other products I have used. I was completely blown away by how well RMR worked! Nothing I have used in the last 8 years has worked anywhere close to as well as this. I took a 2 man attic job that would normally take 2 days and completed it myself in 8 hours (1 day 4.5 hours with RMR, 2nd day 3.5 hours sealing) and this includes all prep time! 32 hours versus 8 hours, you do the math. Highly recommend, paid for it in 1 job plus profit.
Scott Kennedy- CCP Construction/Carpet Care Plus Inc. Nashport, OH
When I first started, that math was not working in my company's favor. At that time, we'd spend up to 2-3 days sanding, wire-brushing, and just plain toiling to remove all the stains from a mold-infected attic. Not only was it hard work, but my profit margins were pretty poor too. That was before I found RMR-86. I needed a solution that would double my profits! Now that I've found one, my mold jobs are easy and profitable. Sometimes, a homeowner will wonder how my team finished a $2000 mold job in just 2 hours. Having to find a way to explain that is a good problem to have! RMR-86 is the closest thing to a real-life magic bullet to multiply your mold profits. It's a no brainer!
Lance McCarty- Owner - Sentinel Restoration - Pinckney, MI
Thanks so much for this life-saver! RMR has totally transformed the way we do mold. We're finishing our jobs faster and now have time to take on more work. P.S. Please don't tell my competition! :-)
Paulette Sager- TCI Restoration, Livingston County, MI
Just wanted to tell you how excited we are at In-Door Air Quality Consultants to have found such a fantastic product as RMR mold and stain remover! This amazing product reduces the most laborious and, let's face it, disgusting situations to a time saving and more profitable conclusion on every job. Our customers were as amazed with the results as we have been. And don't let me forget to mention the excellent customer service. This product has certainly changed the future of our company.
Glenn- In-Door Air Quality Consultants, Monroe, MI

As the owner of a restoration company who has been in business going on 10 years, and who does mold remediation, we have used several different products to remediate mold, but nothing that works as well as RMR. We were amazed at how great the end results were and the ease of the application of this product. It has saved us money on labor hours on jobs, as well as overall cost on product. We (Carson Restoration Inc.) would highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a great way to effectively treat and remediate mold.

Amy- Carson Restoration Inc.