When is Mold Remediation Covered by Insurance?

When is Mold Remediation Covered by Insurance?

Does Insurance Cover Mold Remediations?

If you have mold in your home or place of business, you’re probably hoping the cost of solving this trouble will be covered by your insurance. Many people simply assume that their homeowner’s insurance will pay for any unexpected issue that arises with their home through no fault of their own. Unfortunately, the reality isn’t so simple. The answer to the question of whether or not your insurance will pay for mold remediation ultimately depends upon many factors. In this article, we will offer a brief overview of the subject. Be aware, though, that we will be speaking in generalities: you should always double check with your insurance company in order to make sure that you aren’t missing out on any potential payments!


Homeowner’s insurance and water damage

The source of mold, as we all know, is moisture. For this reason, most serious mold infestations are the result of water damage. The best way to stop mold is to respond quickly and decisively when water damage occurs. This is where we have some good news to offer: in most cases, insurance does cover remediation of water damage that occurs due to an unexpected internal event. (For example, a busted water pipe or a broken washing machine.)


Insuring for a flood.

In the United States, water damage caused by a flood is not covered under homeowner’s insurance. Instead, homeowners have the option to choose additional flood insurance, which, obviously, would cover any water damaged cause by a flood. If this is the situation that you find yourself in, then your flood insurance will help you pay to treat the water damage, thus effectively removing the potential cause of mold.


Okay…but what about mold itself?

You’ve probably noticed that, thus far, we’ve only been talking about the broader problem of water damage. Sure, home and flood insurance companies will pay to remove the potential cause of mold, but what if my home or place of business is already infested?

In the vast majority of cases, mold damage is not going to be covered because it is going to be viewed as the result of inaction on your part. Most official insurance policy in this regard basically boils down to “you should have told us about the water damage that caused this mess in the first place if you wanted us to pay for it.” Although there may be exceptions made in certain circumstances (again, It never hurts to try) the general assumption you should make is that insurance rules toward mold are rather harsh.


Mold Remediation Covered by Insurance


What can be done about a mold problem?

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