Introducing The RMR Solutions 2-in-1 Glass and Surface Cleaner

Introducing The RMR Solutions 2-in-1 Glass and Surface Cleaner

Sad about stains? Worried about water spots? Going glassy-eyed staring at all the available options for cleaning the glass and sensitive surfaces in your home?

Have no fear. The RMR Solutions 2-in-1 Glass and Surface Cleaner is here.

Now available in a super-efficient, highly-powerful 32-ounce spray canister, the newest and brightest innovation from the experts at RMR Solutions is ready to serve as a true game-changer around your home or office. Built on a heavy-duty, 2-in-1 formula foundation, this powerful new cleaner and protectant prevent the accumulation of water spots, caked-on messes, and dust. While working hard to remove dirt, debris, streaks, and marks, it also makes surfaces both water- and soil-repellent.  

Proudly formulated and manufactured by cleaning and stain removal experts right here in the United States, this powerful product was created with both efficiency and safety top of mind. It’s entirely free of harsh acids or alkalis, phosphates, ammonia, glycol ethers, terpenes, hydrocarbon propellants, quaternary ammonium compounds, CFCs, and chlorine bleach. 

Wherever you want. Whenever you need. Clean & Repels 

Our versatile new cleaner is always there for you and your family—wherever and whenever you need it. “Multi-purpose” only begins to describe its diversity and reach. It’s ideal for any time use on a wide variety of surfaces, including: 

• Windows

• Countertops

• Sinks

• Mirrors

• Glass surfaces

• TV and computer screens

• Shower enclosures

• Bathroom fixtures

• Tile

• Tables

• More

 Powerful. Fast. Easy.

When you’re ready to use it, it’s ready to work extra hard on your behalf. But you won’t have to do too much at all. Simply spray the formula onto the surface that needs cleaning, then for best results wipe it down well with a  microfiber cloth. A Paper towel or sponge can also be used if a microfiber cloth is not available. Voila! You’ll notice shining, even sparkling results. Right away!

Not only does your valued surface get a much-needed deep cleaning, but you’ll be laying down a long-lasting protective barrier that will help prevent ugly and potentially destructive buildup in the future. 

RMR Solutions: Working for you and your home

Founded by restoration and remediation field pioneer Chris Atkinson, RMR Solutions has steadily grown to rank as the largest non-franchise restoration company in southeast Michigan. Devoted to offering the most cutting-edge and cost-effective processes and products to everyone everywhere, RMR Solutions is blazing bold new trails of its own—so you can experience deep cleaning, superior home health, and peace of mind like never before. 

Over the years, RMR Solutions’ remediation teams have spent countless hours developing and perfecting affordable, smart solutions for homes all across the country. We’ve even found time to revolutionize the commercial mold remediation industry by drastically reducing this traditionally labor-intensive process and providing a hard-hitting, deep-cleaning Mold Stain Remover

Connect with us today to see how we can help you put the shine and pride back into every corner and inch of your home.