Do You Have Mold in Your Home?

Posted by RMR Solutions on 24 August, 2018

If you suspect that you have a mold infestation in your home, it is important to act fast in order to prevent health complications and further growth. Here is a quick Q&A covering a few of the most important issues important to homeowners with a potential mold problem.

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When is Mold Remediation Covered by Insurance?

Posted by RMR Solutions on 16 August, 2018

If you have mold in your home or place of business, you’re probably hoping the cost of solving this trouble will be covered by your insurance. Many people simply assume that their homeowner’s insurance will pay for any unexpected issue that arises with their home through no fault of their own.

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Battling The Most Common Viruses Found In Homes

Posted by RMR Solutions on 09 August, 2018

What's living in your house? Even if you live alone, and do not have a pet, you've got company. Viruses and bacteria are all around you. Some of these are actually helpful, but others can make you sick.

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How to remove Mold in your house using RMR Brands Products

Posted by Audrey Lavalley on 02 August, 2018

To better understand how remediation works, you first need to know what you are up against and the biology of most molds.

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The 5 Most Common Household Molds and How to Fight Them

Posted by RMR Solutions on 19 July, 2018

Every home has its little problems. Your home may have a squeaky stair, a light that flickers in the laundry room, or a screen door with an over-enthusiastic spring. You have probably grown used to the way the roof sounds when it rains or how you have to reset the breaker every time someone accidentally makes coffee and popcorn at the same time.

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EPA's Guidelines for Mold Remediation and Prevention

Posted by RMR Solutions on 16 July, 2018

Mold can have a substantial impact on your standard of living. It can negatively impact a number of health conditions, it can create ugly sights and smells in your home, and it can cost you an unfortunate amount of money to clean up. That is why EPA guidelines for mold remediation are so strict.

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